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Supporting Smallholders

We stock a range of smallholder focused equipment, supplies, medicines, feed, and nutritional supplements for a variety of stock including sheep, goats, cattle, pigs and poultry.

Visit our Farmcentres to view the extensive range of products we stock or contact us to discuss your individual requirements. You can also seek any relevant help and advice from one of our Registered Animal Health Advisers (RAMA).

Unlike most Agricultural Merchants, we are able to break bulk wormers through our pharmacy in Hay. Many of our smallholder customers use this service as it saves them money and prevents wastage. Contact us for more details.

Our services to smallholders includes:

Our qualified team can:

  • Advise on, prescribe and dispense a wide range of veterinary medicines. Such as the treatments for:

    Worms including Nematodirus,
    Sheep Scab & Lice,
    Fly Strike,
    Foot Rot.
  • Dispense 300ml packs of some POM-VPS products, helping reduce wastage and save money.
  • Advise on animal nutrition.
  • Perform Faecal Egg Counts (FECPAKG2).

To find out more about our smallholder services, please visit one of our Farmcentres or Contact us.

Fecpak - treat the right animals at the right time with the right treatment

Our faecal egg counting services uses the second generation Fecpak from Techion. With the FecPak you can save time and money, improve animal health and performance, and use worming treatments more sustainably.

We run this service out of our Hay Farmcentre, but we can accept, transport and keep samples refrigerated at all of our Farmcentres.

The FECPAKG2 allows us to process samples quickly and sample images are analysed online by an accredited Techion Lab Technician.


Resistance is becoming more of an issue on farm. We all know the wide spread resistance to white wormer, but we are starting to see some resistance to other wormer groups.

Resistance can be a largely unseen problem, but will be costing you in poor feed conversion and lower liveweight gains.

We can carry out efficacy testing to check if the last worming active you used was effective. We will just need a pre-worming sample, followed by a post-treatment sample to determine if the treatment used was effective and advise you on the best course of action.

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