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Our Farmcentres stock a wide variety of products and can advise you on how to get the best performance out of your horse, whether it is feeding correctly or adding additional support through a supplement or a topical application.

We always have a Registered Animal Health Advisor (RAMA) in store, who can advise you on the correct use of wormers and provide a personalised plan if required.

Our Abergavenny Farmcentre has dedicated, trained equine professionals who are qualified to provide a riding hat and body protector fitting service.

Our equine professionals have many years of hands on experience we can help with behaviour problems with an understanding of using the correct training aids and the appropriate tack to achieve the best outcome for your horse and rider.

Our Equine services includes:

  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Wormers & external parasite control
  • Faecal egg counting
  • Feeds
  • Horse care
  • Stable & yard
  • Rugs
  • Tack & Training Aids
  • Treats & boredom breakers
  • Bedding
  • Clothing & protective wear

To find out more about our horse services, please contact Abergavenny Farmcentre, we can arrange delivery to your nearest Farmcentre.

Fecpak - treat the right animals at the right time with the right treatment

Our faecal egg counting services uses the second generation Fecpak from Techion. With the FecPak you can save time and money, improve animal health and performance, and use worming treatments more sustainably.

We run this service out of our Hay Farmcentre, but we can accept, transport and keep samples refrigerated at all of our Farmcentres.

The FECPAKG2 allows us to process samples quickly and sample images are analysed online by an accredited Techion Lab Technician.

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