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R.M.Jones' agronomy team provides a crop advice and crop management service across the border counties and into Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. All our agronomists are BASIS/FACTS qualified and have considerable hands-on farming experience

To strengthen this R.M.Jones has a joint venture with Agrii. This allows us to access Agrii's significant research and development program with over 50,000 plots and 260 replicated trials. These are the most comprehensive crop trials in the UK.

These independent trials give our agronomists the right data to make the best decisions for the crops on your farm.

Our Agronomy service includes:

  • Accurate & Regular Crop Walking Service
  • Prompt Product Delivery
  • Rotational Planning & Crop Budgeting
  • Soil & Forage Testing and Analysis
  • Crop Variety Selection
  • Fertiliser & Crop Nutritional Advice
  • Crop Pest & Disease Diagnosis and Treatments
  • Cultivation and Zero-Till Advice
  • Integrated Crop Management (ICM)
  • NRoSO Operator Training Courses
  • Environmental Stewardship Scheme (ELS) applications ELMS
  • Rhiza Precision Farming
  • Finance

To find out more about our agronomy services, please visit one of our Farmcentres or Contact us.

“Quality In – Quality Out”

Cereal Seeds – We supply Masterseeds which are produced to rigorous standards. In seed we have always believed in “Quality In – Quality Out” because seed forms the foundations on which profitable crops are built.

Precision Farming

We use Rhiza satellite imagery for our precision farming service to help our customer achieve optimum yields from every field. Rhiza uses high resolution NDVI imagery to allow variable rate mapping for seeds, nitrogen and other inputs. Rhiza offers highly advanced weather models to provide hyper local weather data, helping our customers plan more effectively.

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