Feed your ewes mid-pregnancy or risk smaller and weaker lambs

11 December 2020

During mid-pregnancy the foetal membranes, including the placenta, does the majority of its growing. The placenta is essential for providing oxygen and essential nutrients to the growing lambs so if nutrition is reduced then placental size may be smaller. This often results in the production of smaller and weaker lambs with higher mortality. As well as affecting long term performance of the lambs. It is really important that ewe body condition score is maintained during mid-pregnancy.

Opti-Lix Extra High Energy is a low moisture lick which is ideal for providing nutritional support to the in-lamb ewe throughout mid-pregnancy. The little and often controlled intakes also mean the product is long-lasting therefore reducing the frequency with which buckets need to be replaced, making it very cost-effective. In addition, Opti-Lix Energy contains a full range of minerals, vitamins and trace elements to help offset any potential deficiencies found in grazing at this time of year.

Now that Tupping is complete, attention should move to maintaining ewe body condition throughout mid-pregnancy.

Inadequate nutrition during this time cannot be compensated for later on in pregnancy and will affect your Profitability.

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