Are your ewes fit for tupping?

7 December 2020

Benefits from feeding Superstock Tup2Ewe

The driest May on record and further drought conditions throughout the summer means ewes will be approaching tupping in poorer condition than they should be. If management plans are not put in place now to correct the lower body condition score there is a risk of lower lambing percentages and reduced lamb crops in 2021.

It takes approximately 21 days of good quality grazing (10.5 ME MJ/kg DM) for ewes to gain half a point Condition Score. However, late summer/ autumn grazing will start to drop in quality and this year in particular grazing alone may not be able to provide all the nutrients required as ewes approach lambing.

Feeding Superstock Tup2Ewe this year as tupping approaches will provide;

Improved nutritional preparation pre-tupping for ewes and rams at a
time when pasture quality is declining in digestibility and dry matter

Increased lambing percentage by reducing barren ewes and
increasing the proportion of twins over singles

Shortened lambing spread for easier management and feeding of ewes and marketing of lambs

Research indicates that ewes supplemented at tupping time remain in better body condition score throughout their pregnancy.

Special nutritional features of Superstock Tup2Ewe

High level of natural protein (14%) helps balance pasture, no added urea

High energy (13 ME MJ/kg DM) including protected fat to counter
reducing grass energy & digestibility

Fish oil added for EPA and DHA omega 3 oils for improved pregnancy rates

Full RDA of minerals, trace elements and vitamins at levels that
balance deficiencies in grazing

Addition of highly available source of organic selenium supports ewe
health and overall selenium status

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